The processing of cable waste is based on the principle of the most up-to-date methods of mechanical grinding and granulation. Metals and other components are separated by the innovative principle of aero-separation. Compared to the prevalent water separation used by our competitors, this technology does is not harmful to the air, water resources or soil and does not create a burden for the environment. The proportion of recycled components is about 95%. The rest, regular dust, is a waste stored in a traditional waste dump. The separated material is subsequently metallurgically processed by our customers. Plastics, as a proportional part of the output material, are used in the plastic consumer industry. The technology consists of a production line that is automatically controlled. Its control electronics continuously ensure smooth operation, permanent safety of operators at work and reduce the amount of hard physical work. Furthermore, separate storage, operating and handling premises are built for input material and final production of granular metals.

Eldan Recycling, a Danish company, is one of the suppliers of our technological unit. This company is one of the world leaders in the production of recycling technologies. Their products can be found not only in Europe, but also overseas and in the Far East.

Our company is technologically prepared for the processing of electronic waste – cables with a proportion of copper and aluminium up to a cable diameter of 70 mm and a length of 700 mm, with a capacity increased from 1000 tons to 4900 tons per year. With our own logistics, we are able to ensure not only the transport of cable waste within Slovakia, but also from other plants in Europe. We can create a concept for each destination, which we present to our customers for assessment.

The above-mentioned technology is able to process cables with a cable diameter ranging from 0.2 mm to 70 mm, with a processing capacity ranging from 1 200 to 2 500 kg/hour depending on the type of processed material. Basically, there are no limitations regarding cables:

  • single-core cables
  • multi-core cables
  • mixed cables
  • entire cable trees and assemblies (also from the automotive industry)
  • EMO (cables from electro mobiles)

Recable, s.r.o. is interested in purchasing any quantity of the above specified types of cables.

Our company also offers services for customers. We will process your cables and you can take the final product. The company has all necessary permits from the competent authorities and we issue certificates or confirmations of cable waste recovery to our customers, which are necessary to submit to the competent authorities with the waste disposal documentation.

In case you have any questions, price offers or you need any information, do not hesitate to contact us.


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