of cable waste

based on copper or aluminium.
classified as non- hazardous waste.

RECABLE s.r.o.

deals with the recycling of copper-based and aluminium-based cable waste classified as non-hazardous waste. The cable waste processing technology is built in our own production premises in the village of Svinná, district of Trenčín, and uses the most up-to-date method of separating non-ferrous metals from plastic.

The method of processing waste cables is carried out by mechanical grinding and granulation. This technology is not harmful to the air, water resources or soil and thus does not create an environmental burden for the environment in which it operates. The proportion of recycled components is around 95%. The technology consists of a production line that is controlled automatically. Its control electronics continuously ensure smooth operation of the line itself, permanent safety of operators at work and reduce the amount of hard physical work. Furthermore, separate storage, operating and handling premises are built for input material and final production of granular metals. In addition to the cable waste recycling itself, the company also ensures the handling and transportation of the material using its own mechanisms and means of transport, and at the same time, offers a customer service for the processing of cable waste.

Our goal is to enhance customer satisfaction in:

optimization of internal processes at the customer

increasing the transparency of the entire process chain
reducing losses with appropriate measures
increasing benefit with better profit quotas
complete services including logistics
above-average ecologically acceptable processing

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